When 11-year-old Sally Chee disappeared while playing beside the San Juan River everyone assumed she had drowned – until her mutilated body was found far from the river. When the body of a second child was found on the Navajo Reservation, rumors began to spread. When a third body was found, fear began to spread . . .
      FBI Special Agent Gray Keller has worked cases like this before – has excelled at it, in fact. He doesn’t work those cases anymore. But Gray is about to learn that a good reputation can be a hard thing to leave behind.
      Lane Alden wants nothing more than to find a refuge from the psychic flashes that have ruined her marriage and turned her life upside down. The land of her grandmother’s stories offers that refuge – until Lane’s unwelcome ability begins revealing glimpses of a horror lurking behind the peaceful Southwestern landscape.
      Now another child has disappeared – a child who may still be alive – and Gray is desperate enough to take any help he can get; even the help of a reluctant psychic.
      But someone else is on the hunt with them, someone who cannot allow Gray and Lane to find the killer first. Someone who is willing to kill to stop them . . .

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Coming Soon: Loyalty - second in the Lane & Gray series.

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